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Navona’s track record spans over 57 years:  In 1965, its predecessor began a fast growing real estate advisory business for substantial net worth private clients.  In 1981, assets under management effectively doubled with the take-over of the real estate consultant Metropolitan Trust Company.  In 1992, Dr. Bernd Abromeit-Kremser formed the Navona Group of companies to manage the interests of the private clients acquired through a management buy-out.  Since then, Navona has added, on average, $20 million in property acquisitions per year.

Navona’s client group represents some of Europe’s and Canada’s most prominent business leaders and families, who have invested in real estate either directly or though a co-ownership vehicle.  Navona acts as the investors’ Canadian representative as well as sole manager and advisor, providing a comprehensive package of services.  As such, Navona currently has over 43 direct client companies under management who hold interest in approximately 2.2 million square feet of Canadian commercial real estate.

Our philosophy is to establish and maintain long-term, fiduciary relationships with our clients and a commitment to provide responsive and personal service in managing their real estate assets in Canada.

Our track record is proven.  Our potential is unlimited.  Few organizations can offer such a specialized range of services or knowledge of real property investment.  Our unique quality is our fully integrated team of specialists.