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Navona acquires Promising Re-Development Land

Navona is pleased to announce the acquisition of 747 Appleby Line in Burlington, Ontario in May 2015 from RockTenn Canada. The 22 acre piece of industrial land currently houses a 223,000 square foot production facility which has not been in use since 2013.

The uniquely located property lies adjacent to the Appleby GO Station and neighbours 5041 and 5091 Fairview Street, both of which are under existing Navona management.

747 Appleby Line E.

In addition to Ontario’s Greenbelt and Places to Grow initiatives, the province is pushing forward with an integrated public transport concept under the name “The Big Move”, which reflects current priorities and long-term transportation goals in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). Under this plan, “anchor hubs” such as Toronto’s Union Station and Pearson Airport acting as primary international gateways and “gateway hubs” linking two or more regional transit systems will continue to develop and intensify over the next decades. In addition, the planned electrification of the GO rail network (currently still operated by diesel trains) will eventually result in faster, more reliable and more frequent service across the GTHA.

Burlington, Ontario Expansion CorridorOvercrowded road networks and undersized local public transportation systems have struggled to expand and with the population of the GTHA expected to increase by a further 39% by 2036, implementation of the “Big Move” initiative is both highly anticipated and required.

Applyby Go Station Development pic three

Based on the expected demographic shifts and an increase in commuter and residential density, Burlington’s city council has begun detailed planning in recent years to develop its gateway, or mobility hub approach.

The proposed concept includes the following key points:

1. Develop an integrated transport transition between train, bus, car, bicycle and pedestrians.

2. Focus on creating jobs by supporting infrastructure such as restaurants and retail stores.

3. Improve aerial density by building structures with 6 to 10 floors instead of the previous 2 to 6.

Mobility Hub ConceptWhile the land at 747 Appleby Line is still zoned industrial, redevelopment plans for the property are expected and encouraged by the City of Burlington. The land and building will be rented for short term use until redevelopment plans have been finalized.

Picture Sources:  City of Burlington Official Plan Review:  Mobility Hubs Opportunities and Constraints Study, Final Report, May 2015.  Brook McIlroy/ARUP